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Annie Charles, CPCC

Life Coach & Mentor

Strategy -> Empowerment -> Transformation

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Annie Charles, CPCC

Life Coach & Mentor

Strategy -> Empowerment -> Transformation


What is a Coach and Mentor?

As a Life Coach, my role is to enhance your strengths and unlock barriers which leads to improved confidence and relationships, accountability and creativity.  

Together we create clear strategies that empower and

motivate you to transform your life.

As a Mentor, my role is to share ideas, experience and resources that are relevant and useful in support of your goals. Together we develop strategies and clear action plans to

achieve your vision going forward.


Specializing In:

Career:  Create tools to navigate toward success, through transitions and develop clear advancement strategies and to become an effective communicator

in a professional environment.

Personal Growth: Identify strengths, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and build

confidence to move forward.

 Relationships: As members of the human race, we are all in a relationship with someone! Learn how to interact in a healthy, meaningful and collaborative way.

 Business: Your talent doesn’t guarantee success in the “business” side of things. We will identify and apply practical strategies to achieve your desired goals. 

 Parenting: How to develop a communication style geared towards raising well rounded, independent humans and improve the chances for 

harmony together. 

 Sobriety: Helping people identify substance issues and develop a plan of action.

About Me

Coaches Training Institute ~ ​Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Center for Creative Leadership ~ High Impact Leadership Development Program

Crucial Conversations  ~ Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High

 Corporate Vice President/Senior Team Member 20+ years

Real Estate Sales Leader 20+ years

Small Business Owner (x2)

Married 33+ years ~ Sober 38+ years

Mom of 3 amazing humans ~ Triplets 29+ years old

FORWARD, it’s where we want to go…A sentiment that inspires and guides me daily. My journey has had lots of twists and turns in the road....triumphs, set backs, successes, failures, loss, love, pain and growth. I have embraced each and every one as they have created this unique and wonderous tapestry through which I see the world and the opportunities in it. 

 If we are honest, we all have areas in which we struggle. I firmly believe that the human condition is one of continuous change and growth. We always have the opportunity to learn, adjust and improve in a way that allows us to experience all we can in life if

we lean into the lessons presented to us.

Over the years I have learned so much from coaches and mentors about leadership, business and life.  The opportunity to help guide others is an honor for me and

truly fills my heart with absolute joy! 

​My goal as a coach is to help you break free of old beliefs that keep you stuck. To help you discover your strengths, joys and passions. Together we will develop clear strategies that empower and motivate you to transform your beliefs, actions and lives and

keep MOVING FORWARD in the direction YOU WANT.  

​​I look forward to unlocking new discoveries with you! 

​Coach Annie

Sunrise on Nature


What They Say

Karyl Draper, R.N., B.S.N., L.C.S.W.

I am a psychotherapist in Los Angeles and have worked in the field for the past 34 years. In the last several years, have had the opportunity to collaborate with Annie to work with my clients on specific issues that were requiring attention but also interfered with where the therapy needed to go. 

I find Annie to be knowledgeable, empathic and instructive. She works with the client in setting reasonable goals to achieve necessary changes in their lives. My clients enjoy their work with Annie and find her to be kind and respectful but also hold them accountable. She has been a positive addition to their lives and my practice.


Coach Annie has been an invaluable guiding light during one of the most significant transitions in my life, as I made a leap from working as an employee over the last 35 years to embarking on the exhilarating journey of entrepreneurship. Her unwavering support, attentive listening, and reassuring presence were a beacon of strength throughout the six months we worked together.

Under Annie's mentorship, I witnessed my fears, self-doubts, and apprehensions gradually dissolve. She skillfully let me towards a place of clarity and purpose, helping me refine my vision for my new venture. Annie's perspective as a successful female business owner added a unique and invaluable dimension to her advice. 

With each session, Annie instilled in me the confidence to trust my instincts as I embarked on this transformative path. Her continuous reassurance bolstered my belief that I possessed the necessary tools to navigate my newfound identity as an entrepreneur. 

The time and resources I invested in working with Coach Annie were well worth it! I am immensely grateful or her support, and I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate coach for their own journey of transformation.


Annie is a remarkable coach! Her wealth of knowledge and experience, integrated with her pronounced intuition, humility and intellect is unmatched. My work with her has empowered me to move through fear in my professional development through a marriage of tactical and intuitive-based strategies. I highly recommend Annie to anyone who is willing to examine their fear and take action through collaborative coaching.


Annie Charles is a seasoned and highly effective executive coach.  As a 30+ year successful business executive, I have had the benefit of working 1:1 with a coach on several occasions throughout my career.  It benefitted me personally as well as professionally. Recently, when I advanced from a senior executive leader into a c-suite role in a major financial services organization, I had the opportunity once again to engage an executive coach – I selected Annie. 

In working with Annie throughout the transition, my on-boarding and overall effectiveness sharply accelerated.   She helped me identify and strengthen the inherent skills I had acquired over the years that were necessary to maximize team effectiveness, business, and financial results. I leveraged powerful techniques she introduced which facilitated good decisions, work-life balance, and targeted messaging drawing out extraordinary performance in myself and others.  She has helped me become a more effective executive. 

Annie applies a practical approach and comfortable style in her coaching techniques.  She focused me on my capabilities and strengths while also helping me self-discover gaps, performance barriers and developmental opportunities.  She creates a safe confidential environment which enables authentic and vulnerable conversations accelerating development and results.


Annie has a strong ability to offer motivational insight naturally! While working with Annie, I found her to be a safe place to share ideas and concerns with the "job at hand". Because she is committed to evolving as a person as well as a mentor, she is able to offer direction and guidance as it relates to her own journey, which in turn has helped me as I face some of my own challenges. She will often come back to an idea or thought with a new perspective which has really been helpful for me. Now as I interact with her in a non-work environment, she has provided inspiration to better myself in my health and fitness. She regularly checks in with motivational quips that help to re-direct me to a positive place for the day!


Annie is a true and genuine leader, coach and friend.  I was fortunate to meet Annie at the beginning of my career. Her mentorship and expertise were such an inspiration, then and now. Annie undoubtedly helped shape my professional path, but also guided me on a personal level with her wisdom of life. I still ask myself-"I wonder how Annie would handle this situation."


Annie is a great coach who has guided me with my career decisions.  Her encouraging words and motivational style have helped me rid any self-doubt giving me the confidence I needed to be the best version of myself.  She is uplifting, authentic, and holds you accountable to your goals. I truly value her as a mentor/coach and highly recommend her. 


Coach Annie came into my life at an important time.  After successfully raising my children and preparing for a new stage in life, I wanted to work on myself for a change.  I spent many years serving and helping others, putting myself and my needs last.  After the kids moved on and my volunteer work ended, I needed to find a sense of purpose and well-being.  I was stuck and needed to rediscover who I am.

Annie helped me realize my inner strength and confidence, manage negative self-talk, and set focus and priority in my life.  She guided me down a path of self-development, careful to draw out my capabilities.  She reminded me that I am a powerful woman, in command of my thoughts, behavior and actions.


After working with Annie, I am healthier, happier, and I have the tools necessary to pull myself up.  I manage the chatter more effectively and am thoughtful to take better care of myself physically and emotionally.  Annie has taught me that I can overcome obstacles and more fully enjoy my life, family, and friends.  The sky is the limit!

Wild Nature


Fear hinders us; it prevents full involvement with experiences we are given to grow on. When we withdraw from a situation in order to save ourselves from failure, we stay stuck in a world we need to leave behind.

Each Day a New Beginning

Enjoying the Nature
Noarlunga South Australia

We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down."

Eleanor Roosevelt

"When nothing seems to help, I go and look at a stonecutter hammering away at his rock perhaps a hundred times without as much as a crack showing in it. Yet at the hundred and first blow it will split in two, and I know it was not that blow that did it - but all that had gone before."

Jacob Riis

Sculpture Artist
Crossing the River

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the things you think you cannot do."

Eleanor Roosevelt


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