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Annie Charles, CPCC

Life Coach & Mentor

Strategy -> Empowerment -> Transformation


What is a Coach and Mentor?

As a Life Coach, my role is to enhance your strengths and unlock barriers which leads to improved confidence and relationships, accountability and creativity.  

Together we create clear strategies that empower and

motivate you to transform your life.

As a Mentor: my role is to share ideas, experience and resources that are relevant and useful in support of your goals. Together we develop strategies and clear action plans to

achieve your vision going forward.


Specializing In:

Career:  Create tools to navigate toward success, through transitions and develop clear advancement strategies and to become an effective communicator

in a professional environment.

Personal Growth: Identify strengths, self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and build

confidence to move forward.

 Relationships: As members of the human race, we are all in a relationship with someone! Learn how to interact in a healthy, meaningful and collaborative way.

 Business: Your talent doesn’t guarantee success in the “business” side of things. We will identify and apply practical strategies to achieve your desired goals. 

 Parenting: How to develop a communication style geared towards raising well rounded, independent humans and improve the chances for

 harmony together. 

 Sobriety: Helping people identify substance issues and develop a plan of action.

About Me

Coaches Training Institute ~ ​Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Center for Creative Leadership ~ High Impact Leadership Development Program

Crucial Conversations  ~ Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High

 Corporate Vice President/Senior Team Member 20+ years

Real Estate Sales Leader 20+ years

Small Business Owner (x2)

Married 33+ years ~ Sober 38+ years

Mom of 3 amazing humans ~ Triplets 29+ years old

FORWARD, it’s where we want to go…A sentiment that inspires and guides me daily. My journey has had lots of twists and turns in the road....triumphs, set backs, successes, failures, loss, love, pain and growth. I have embraced each and every one as they have created this unique and wonderous tapestry through which I see the world and the opportunities in it. 

 If we are honest, we all have areas in which we struggle. I firmly believe that the human condition is one of continuous change and growth. We always have the opportunity to learn, adjust and improve in a way that allows us to experience all we can in life if

we lean into the lessons presented to us.

Over the years I have learned so much from coaches and mentors about leadership, business and life.  The opportunity to help guide others is an honor for me and

truly fills my heart with absolute joy! 

​My goal as a coach is to help you break free of old beliefs that keep you stuck. To help you discover your strengths, joys and passions. Together we will develop clear strategies that empower and motivate you to transform your beliefs, actions and lives and

keep MOVING FORWARD in the direction YOU WANT.  

​​I look forward to unlocking new discoveries with you! 

​Coach Annie


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